3 More Common E-Mail Problems And What To Do About Them


As we proceed to evolve into the world of electronic mail that is phase of our daily life, every now and then little issues occur that trouble the user.  Previously we talked about lower back messages and misplaced connections, each which can be aggravating, and provided solutions.  But there are a few extra issues that can have an effect on an electronic mail person inflicting frustration and we will tackle these here, and once more grant realistic options to over come them.

Problem 1 – You Cannot Send a Message

Even when there is now not a connection problem, you might also try to ship email, however discover that it continues to stay in your outbox.


Typically this is a software program problem, the end result of in any other case unapparent harm or corruption to one or extra e mail messages.  To tackle this problem, first replica any unsent messages as text.  Then retailer them on the computer’s challenging power or a back-up storage medium.  After all messages have been saved, spotlight all the messages in your outbox and click on on “delete” or “clear”.  When clearing your outbox, begin over.  Just reproduction unsent messages from the textual content files, omit them into new email messages and resend.

Problem two – The E-mail is Missing an Attachment or the Attachment Won’t Open

An mainly accessible function of electronic mail is the potential to ship and acquire attachments.  Transmitting documents, pix or different such data can shop time and cash in contrast to the U.S. Mail or specific transport services.  At the identical time, attachments can be actual headaches.  A frequent frustration is to acquire an email message that refers to an attachment, however then discover nothing is there.


Often the first-class answer is to request that the sender strive as soon as again, when you consider that it is now not uncommon for the author to refer to an attachment, however then overlook to connect it.  Even if this is no longer the case, your request would possibly on the spot the sender to re-think the attachment’s layout earlier than transmitting again.  If the trouble continues, reflect onconsideration on asking the sender to paste the contents internal an e mail message and strive again.  This may additionally disrupt formatting, however can be an fantastic way to stay clear of attachment problems.

If you see a message that the attachment has been deleted, it may additionally be that your anti-virus software program has detected a virus, and you are higher off except it anyway.  But if you locate that all attachments are indiscriminately being deleted, test your mail properties.  If a field is checked that blocks all attachments, do away with the test mark so that you can acquire attachments.  If you then acquire a message from an unknown person, or if the message or attachment appears suspicious, delete the message besides opening the attachment.

A associated trouble is to see that an attachment has been transmitted, however discover that you are unable to open it.  The reasons (and for that reason the solutions) vary.  In some cases, the hassle is that the software used with the aid of the sender does now not suit that of the recipient.  As with a lacking attachment, a easy restoration is to ask the sender to reproduction and paste the contents of the attachment inside a observe up mail message.  Even if formatting is disrupted, you can nevertheless get the gist of the information.  You can additionally use your personal copying and pasting manner to reformat the contents, if that is important.

Another approach is to keep the report to your tough drive, and then open the software program application that was once used in the beginning to create it.  Once this application is in use, your pc may also be capable to apprehend what had been the attachment, and open it.  If you do now not have the fantastic software program loaded on your computer, you might also be capable to down load it from the Internet; simply comply with the on display prompts to proceed.

Problem three – You Have too Much Incoming Mail or Cannot Download What You Have

If you are receiving giant volumes of e-mail, you may also be susceptible to countless difficulties.


Many Internet carrier companies vicinity limits on the quantity of storage furnished to every person (although some have these days accelerated storage limits).  If a pre-set restrict is reached (perhaps due to the fact you have long past too lengthy barring downloading your e-mail, or have been inundated through SPAM or virus brought about flood of messages), extra messages will be bounced returned to these who despatched them.

Of direction the direct method is to down load your mail and then weed it out, however a smarter cross may additionally be to get right of entry to your email account with the aid of Web mail.  That way you can see a checklist of all messages and rapidly delete any that do now not show up to be of interest.  The stop end result is the same, however this step can store a exceptional deal of downloading time if you are the usage of a dial up modem.  It additionally provides an more measure of virus safety even if you have a broadband connection.  Since you are deleting messages from your ISP’s server earlier than they ever have a danger to infect your computer, it is like killing mosquitoes earlier than they chunk you – as a substitute of afterwards.

If you do no longer have a Web mail account, it is handy to get one.  Simply go to a issuer such as Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) or Lycos (www.lycos.com) and register.  You can additionally use a web site such as mail2web (www.mail2web.com) or webmail4free.com except even registering.  Go to the web site and enter you e mail tackle and password.  You will see a record of all incoming mail, which you can examine and then continue for downloading, or delete, as you choose.

A similar task may additionally be triggered via strangely massive message.  Again, this trouble is greater frequent with dial-up modems, the place hefty messages might also take an annoyingly lengthy time to download.  In the worst cases, you may also discover your self unable to acquire different messages, due to the fact the connection with the server the place your messages are saved is severed when a time restrict has been reached.

Use of Web mail can additionally do the trick here.  Just log on to the third-party site, peruse the listing of messages in your inbox, and select the one that is the greatest (most Web mail packages mechanically listing the dimension of every message).  If the message appears of doable interest, open and study it, and then delete it.  Or if it is needless to say unsolicited mail or some thing in which you have no interest, you can delete the message except even bothering to examine it.  Once you have eliminated the offending message, your different incoming mail will no longer be blocked.

If you do no longer have Web mail, an alternative is to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for help.  Once a client provider consultant deletes the offending message from the ISP’s server, you can then down load all closing messages.

Also maintain in idea that holding too a great deal email can be an organizational problem, if now not a technical one.  Take time to delete electronic mail that does no longer want to be saved for future reference.  Allowing too many messages to accumulate wastes storage house and makes it extra tough to discover essential messages when you want to refer to them.  For messages that benefit retention, create a sequence of folders so that they can be easily located, and so that your inbox will now not emerge as too full.

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