‘No Audio Device’ Error

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Still, it most probably means that your sound card isn’t installed duly, If you have endured a Windows”No Audio Device” error. Indeed though other problems can beget this error, an inaptly installed sound card is the most commonreason.However, you’ll get this error, If the audio card is not duly connected in the motherboard or you don’t have an audio regulator connected. Also, it’s possible that the device you’re trying to use isn’t compatible to the motherboard you’re using.
Troubleshooting the most common error
Then are a many way to take to break the most common error, an inaptly installed card
. You’ll first need to find your audio controlling device or regulator. This regulator is what gives you the capability to acclimate the sound for everything. From your launch menu, go to your control panel. Also, go to add tackle and hunt for the tackle yourself. Do not let the computer hunt for it automatically, because if it’s inaptly installed it may not be seen. Also, scroll down to sound bias and search for your audio regulator. Check the parcels of the device, and see if it’s installed duly. If it is not installed duly you’ll see a unheroic stressed question mark beside the device’s name 

• The stylish way to break this problem is to uninstall your sound card and motorists. You’ll reboot, enter the memoirs, disable the onboard audio, game harborage, and midi. Also bobble back into windows, go to add spread programs and make sure that any programs for the device was removed.
Next, you should reinstall the sound card and motorists. It’s possible motorist updates have been made since the sound card was manufactured and released, so it’s a good idea to visit the manufacturer’s point and see if there are motorist updates. Once you do this, renew the computer again. The problem is ( further than likely) the dereliction device in audio parcels is still the onboard, you can elect the creative bias and it’ll presumably work, but it’ll be better to disable the onboard each together.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the sound card will more than likely fix your problem.
Other troubleshooting tips
Still, try these other troubleshooting ideas, If you’re still passing difficulties. 

• If you suppose your sound card may be’ dead’, before buying a new bone, I would recommend adopting one that’s completely performing from a friend, if possible, and installing that one to see if the error is in the card itself.

• Try using a different PCi niche, that way windows may descry it as new rather of trying to reconfigure it on the places its presently on. This can also help you to determine whether one of the places are bad. 

• If you have an onboard sound card but are trying to use a sound card you bought independently, insure the onboard one is impaired.
Always insure the sound card you buy is compatible with yourboard.However, do a little exploration online previous to the purchase, If it does n’t say on the packaging.


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