7 Great Computer User Tips – For Windows® Users Only


An Easy Performance Enhancement

If you’re the usage of the NTFS submitting protocol on your system, alternatively of FAT32, you can get a bit greater velocity by means of disabling Windows® Indexing. The draw back to this is that looking your pressure for a precise file may take a second or two longer, however the whole lot else must run faster.

To disable this function open My Computer and then proper click on on the power you desire to reset – commonly C-drive. Now click on on Properties and then uncheck “Allow Indexing Service.” It will take Windows® a few moments to accomplish this task, primarily based on your processor speed. If you have different tough drives, function the identical technique for them. After this is done, it’s a properly thought to empty the Recycle Bin and then Defragment your difficult drive(s).

FREE Software

If you have a device and it does no longer have an workplace suite, such as Microsoft Office, and you don’t choose to pay a number of hundred bucks to have one, strive Open Office. This is a first-rate choice to different suites, and it’s free! Simply direct your browser to www.openoffice.org and observe the guidelines for downloading and installation. Make no mistake, this free workplace suite is an extraordinarily effective set of software program equipment – without problems a in shape for any competitor.

Internet Explorer (Microsoft’s Internet browser) is unarguably the wellknown in computers. This is why hackers boost so many malware functions to invade it. If you use a exclusive browser, you have a great deal much less threat of an invasion by means of malicious software. There is a superb choice available, and it’s free. You can down load a reproduction of Firefox at www.mozilla.org/products/firefox. You can even pass your Internet Explorer settings into Firefox mechanically – so you don’t lose your Favorites, etc.

Laptop Printer Fix

If you’re the use of a laptop computer that is jogging Windows® ME, and you’re having bother printing via the USB, strive this easy fix. Go to the internet site for the organization that manufactures your printer. If you use a Hewlett-Packard, for example, go to www.HP.com and down load the fantastic drivers and installation them. ME has drivers that apprehend the USB printer is existing and attached, however now not the drivers wanted to make it print. Which drivers you down load and set up will be dependant on your printer. After putting in new drivers, replace the printer as essential in the Control Panel.

Save $$ When Shopping On-line

If you’re making a buy on-line, and you comprehend the object you favor to buy, you can effortlessly evaluate pricing all throughout the Internet. This can quantity to a very great savings.

At this writing, I went to www.mysimon.com and typed in that I desired to purchase a printer: a Canon PIXMA iP4000. The provider right away checked the Internet and again costs ranging from $62.00 up to $286.00. This type of fee unfold is now not at all unusual, specially for computer systems and electronics.

The My Simon internet site carrier solely exams pricing, it does no longer grant a platform for buying anything, although it does hyperlink to such places. It additionally offers a ranking for the retailers and different users’ enter involving their experiences with the company. You can order the outcomes of the search for your product by means of price, so that you can shortly discover the lowest rate from the easiest rated dealer.

Windows® XP Professional Only

A function of Windows® XP Professional, that is no longer reachable in the Home Edition, is the capacity to encrypt files. This encryption prevents others from opening the documents in the folder you encrypt. To encrypt one or greater a folders, comply with these convenient steps.

Click Start, then My Documents. Now detect the folder you want to encrypt and proper click on on it and pick out Properties.

On the General tab, click on on Advanced. Put a tick mark in the container for Encrypt Contents to Secure Data. Click k two instances and the affirmation dialog field will show up permitting you to pick the folder, the folder and all files, and/or the subfolders within it.

Now you may be capable to area archives in this folder (or folders) and on the grounds that they’re encrypted, others will now not be capable to get entry to them.

Internet Safety

You must in no way divulge your username or password to all and sundry who e-mails you and asks for it. This records is regularly requested for by means of an Internet scheme referred to as “phishing.”

In a frequent phishing scam, you get hold of an electronic mail that appears pretty official. It commonly seems to come from a financial institution or credit score card company. A frequent title for these e-mails is “We want to confirm your account information.” Another is “Please logon to your account and affirm your settings.” If you do click on the place instructed, you’ll stop up on a web page that seems to be the actual one. If you fill in the username and password for of your online banking account, you can anticipate serious issues inside twenty-four hours.

If you accept as true with that a employer or enterprise that you do online commercial enterprise with virtually does require your information, then without a doubt contact them. This way, you will understand the place you are sending your information, and what it will be used for.

CD Burning Error Fix

Burning music, video, and records CDs has grow to be pretty famous over the previous few years, and the evolution of the helping technological know-how has yielded hardware and software program that is higher than ever – and very moderately priced. CDs provide a super region to save sizeable quantities of records in a small, effortlessly retained format. They additionally provide us new manipulate over elements of our entertainment.

A incredibly frequent error obtained in the course of CD burning informs you that the CD can’t be burned, or that there used to be an error for the duration of burning. Of course, you ought to sincerely have a faulty CD drive, however this is commonly no longer the case.

If you acquire a message indicating that your CD can’t be burned, go to the internet site of your CD power manufacturer. Look for the listing of CD sorts (manufacturers/numbers) that are like minded with your device. Most often, you’ll locate that your CDs are not listed. The two sorts that appear to have the least problem being burned are manufactured by means of Sony and TDK. These price a bit more, however they burn very reliably.

Along the identical strains – H-P has brought a new CD burner. This new burner requires the use of exclusive CD blanks, but after you burn your records into the CD, you can flip it over and shut the power again. Then you can use the laser to burn a title for the CD without delay onto the CD itself. It’s new technology, however possibly it will capture on and we’ll see newer, higher such units in the close to future.


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